H-3 for Professional Trainees

Purpose of the H-3 Visa Classification: The H-3 Visa classification allows foreign trainees and visitors to enter the U.S. at the invitation of an organization, facility or individual for (1) the purpose of receiving training in any field of endeavor or for (2) participation in a special education exchange visitor program. Thus the H-3 visa allows aliens to attend a traineeship in the U.S., i.e. they are allowed to work in compliance with their visa. This visa is most often used by firms and companies working with a parent company or subsidiary abroad that want to give a unique work experience to the alien as a trainee.

Who is eligible?

In addition to being admissible in general, the alien beneficiary must meet the following requirements:

Additionally, the petitioner has to submit a training program explaining the necessity and specialty of this traineeship by showing:

Advantages of the H-3 Visa Classification:

H-3 Trainee Visa: The H-3 trainee program allows foreign nationals to receive training by U.S. employers in a wide variety of activities.

Although the H-3 visa trainee program is not available for graduate medical education or training, a medical student attending a foreign medical school may be classified as an H-3 visa trainee for purposes of an externship in the U.S.

Qualified nurses, who may not meet the requirements for the H-1 visa classification, may seek H-3 visa classification as an H-3 visa trainee.

H-3 Special Education Exchange Visitor Visa: The H-3 special education exchange visitor program allows foreign visitors to receive practical training and experience with a U.S. facility in the education of disabled children.

Disadvantages of the H-3 Visa Classification:
Forms and Documents Checklist
Step One: Petition
Step two: Application
NOTE: This is the process of obtaining a visa for a person who is outside the United States. A person who is inside the U.S. may be allowed to change from his/her current visa to an H-3 visa.

Family members of H-3 Visa Trainees and Exchange Visitors are classified in the H-4 visa category. H-4 Visa visitors cannot receive authorization to work unless they change to a non-immigrant category for which employment is authorized.

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