EB-5 Visa for Investors

The "Immigrant Investor Visa" (EB-5 visa) is an investment-based opportunity for a green card. Immigration lawyers commonly refer to this green card category as the "EB-5 visa." Many people also call it the "million dollar" investor visa, but it does not always require a $1 million investment. 

The general rule is that you can obtain U.S. permanent resident status (i.e., a "green card") through the EB-5 category if you fulfill two major requirements. 

1) invest $1,000,000 of legally obtained capital (i.e., not money from drugs, corruption, etc.) in a commercial enterprise in the United States. 
2) create 10 jobs for U.S. workers

Who qualifies for EB-5 visas?

The principal investor and the investor's spouse and unmarried children can all obtain their green cards through this category.

What are the advantages of the EB-5 visa category?

In general, the EB-5 visa has the following advantages over employment-based green card options and achievement-based green card options:

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